When damage or breakage occurs, repair or remanufacture can be a cost effective alternative to original O.E.M. replacement. We can provide these services to our customers along with welding, plating or reverse engineering techniques, all of which can be utilised to recover the component. We work closely with our customers to provide the best repair solution for their needs.

Chrome & Nickel Plating

  • Electroplating can cost effectively reclaim damaged, worn or corroded components.
  • Nickel underlay can provide excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Hard chrome plating provides wear resistance with excellent surface finishes.
Checking chrome thickness

Selective Plating

  • Selectron plating process enables cost effect repairs to small areas including in situ repairs.
  • Nickel cobalt, nickel, copper & silver are our main reclamation finishes.
Sifco 60-35 Selective plating equipment


  • A full range of welding processes including on site portable MIG semi automatic machines ensures the full range of weld repairs including large build ups of hard facing.
  • Cooperheat equipment allows in house pre heating and stress relieving

Our main repair markets are:

  • Hydraulics
  • Hydraulic cylinder repair, Hydraulic Ram repair, Single acting ram , Double acting ram , Tipping cylinder , Displacement cylinder , Actuator , Gripper , Hydraulic Winch , Power pack , Pump , Valve , Rig skidding gripper .
  • Vehicle jacks - Trolley jack, Transmission jack, Bottle jack
  • Quarry Equipment- Cone Crusher, Impact crusher, Jaw crusher, screen repair
  • Industrial gas turbine components
  • Machinery spares, Plant spares, Vehicle spares
  • Gearbox repair and overhaul. Manufacture of spare parts. McNair Engineering have won continuous contracts over the last 10 Years for the repair and overhaul of a range of epicyclic gearboxes for the MOD and have recently been awarded vendor status by a major renewable energy manufacturer.

We are also happy to manufacture one off’s or small quantities.

No job too small!


McNair Engineering , Hillington , Glasgow , Scotland, UK
Specialising in the Design, Manufacture and Repair of Hydraulic systems