Hydraulic Ram Repair

Our hydraulic repair service based in Glasgow encompasses hydraulic ram repair, pump and motor repair. This service includes overhaul of complete assemblies i.e. Complete Hydraulic Winches, Mobile Plant, Compactors etc

Hydraulic Ram Repair

  • All Rams assessed FOC. Repair specification & price agreed with customer before repair commences.
  • A no obligation free local collection and assessment service together with a quick turn around gives our customers a complete repair service.
  • All rams come tested and certified with a three-month warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Full certification on new rams by our Hydraulic engineers .

Mobile equipment cylinder repair

Marine Specification

  • Rams overhauled to full marine specification where required.
  • Stainless steel rods or nickel underlay ensures corrosion resistance with hard chrome finish for maximum wear resistance.


Marine applications

Assemblies Overhauled

  • Hydraulically operated equipment overhauled.
  • Hydraulic winches, lorry mounted cranes, skip motors, refuse vehicles, mobile plant etc.


25 tonne  Hydraulic winch under test

Suspension Cylinder Double acting Hydraulic Ram Double acting ram

Single acting Ram, double acting Ram, multi stage Rams, tipping Ram & displacement Ram repair and manufacture.


McNair Engineering , Hillington , Glasgow , Scotland, UK
Specialising in the Design, Manufacture and Repair of Hydraulic systems