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McNair Engineering provides a complete Rig Skidding service. Over 20 Years design and field experience in Rig Skidding Systems ensure optimised systems. All design, manufacturing and repair is in-house ensuring rapid response times and fast delivery. Field support is ex Glasgow utilising our own experienced personnel.


  • Robust Gripper Construction
  • Maximum Strength, Minimum weight
  • Large contact areas minimise point loading
  • Easily stripped for routine maintenance

Damaged Beam solutions

  • New design overcomes existing beam damage
  • Instant solution, minimum downtime
  • Eliminates expensive beam repairs
Computer designed
  • Finite analysis for minimum weight

“EASY USE” Clevis Pins

  • Attention to details such as our Clevis Pin design ensures minimum disruption at service intervals
  • Design features ensure easy removal
  • Field proven - easy extraction after 7 years
  • Minimum maintenance


150 Tonne Skidding unit under test


Pin gripper - Available in a range of sizes

Claw gripper - Available in a range of sizes



McNair Engineering , Hillington , Glasgow , Scotland, UK
Specialising in the Design, Manufacture and Repair of Hydraulic systems